Smarttek 6 Hot Water Shower

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Smarttek 6 Hot Water Shower

A must have for instant hot water anywhere!

Certified to Australian Standards AS2658 – Portable Gas Hot Water System ( SAI Global – SAI-400040)

The Smarttek6 – Smart Hot Water System is very easy to use and very easy to setup.

Great for Camping, Traveling, Pet / Horse Wash. Portable Instant Hot Water, no matter where you are!

Unlike other hot water systems, the Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water Systems has been tested and certified to be assembled, used, dismantled and reused many times, in fact we have had our systems tested over 12,000 cycles, to ensure our customers are getting the best quality hot water system possible.

Each individual hot water system is assigned the SAI Global AS2658 Safety Standard compliance plate with individual serial numbers.

As a class leading portable hot water system, Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System is the obvious choice for your hot water requirements.


Get the hot water system that’s proven to be easy to set up and easy to use.

1. Simply hang your hot water system by using the mounting brackets or handle provided
2. Connect the gas bottle using the gas regulated hose
3. Connect your shower hose and rose to the water outlet valve
4. Connect your water source to the water inlet valve
5. Insert 2 D size batteries (provided)

Now you’re ready to enjoy Instant Hot Water from you Smarttek6 Smart Hot Water System.

Features Include:

  • Produces up to 6L/min of constant water flow
  • Stainless steel finish with high grade stainless steel screws and double powder coated rear housing  – built to withstand the Australian climate
  • LCD temperature display so you can set the desired temperature for your shower
  • Premium shower head with 3 pressure settings and on/off control switch
  • Battery powered ignition – No electrical connection required
  • Inbuilt energy saving function to lower gas consumption in the warmer months.
  • Low water pressure start up function
  • Anti-freezing protection valve
  • High flow water pressure protection
  • Automatic shut off and ignition when water is turned off from the shower head
  • Temperature safety cut of switch to prevent scolding
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Technical Specifications

    Hot Water Outlet Per Minute 6 Litres Per Minute
    Ignition 2 x D Cell Batteries
    Width x Height x Depth 30cm x 44cm x 15cm
    Minimum Water Pressure 25kPa – 3.63 psi
    Maximum Water Pressure 750kPa – 108 psi
    Gas Type LPG Propane
    Gas Consumption Winter Mode 28 Mj/h
    Gas Consumption Summer Mode 9Mj/h
    Injector Size 0.62mm
    Net Weight 5kg