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Bushman's Extendable Fridge

Outstanding Efficiency & Reliability

If you’re after a small to medium sized portable fridge / freezer, and using bugger all power is your number one concern, this is the only fridge to buy. With an oversized cooling unit for its 35 - 52 litre size, this guy will run off the fumes from a dead battery.

Proven Reliability

  • Over 20 years of use in Australia
  • Nidec Danfoss BD35 compressor
  • German designed / Japanese owned
  • Full steel cabinet
  • 5 Year warranty

Outstanding Efficiency

  • Genuine Bushman designed cooling system
  • 360º ventilation top, bottom & 3 sides
  • Wire on tube condenser gets heat out faster
  • Average 0.5 Ah (set at -4º in 25º ambient)

Easy to Use

  • Fridge or deep freezer
  • Digitally controlled thermostat
  • Heavy duty tie-down points
  • Side opening lid

What's In The Box

  • External 240V - 12V transformer
  • 2 Internal stacking baskets
  • 4 Heavy duty tie down points

Includes Extension Kit

  • 7 Litre high lid
  • 10 Litre extension collar
  • Medium stacking basket

Original Bushman Fridge 35L - 52L

Now you can adjust your fridge size up or down, to suit your needs. So you can use your fridge more often, and in more ways. For example: 

35L = Deep freezer,  42L = Day to day,  45L = Weekend away,  52L = Extended trip