Peggy Peg - 12 pack standard pegs

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Peggy Peg

Standard Size Pegs 12 Pack

Standard screw-in Peggy Peg for multiple purposes and ground types.

Manufactured with UV reinforced fibreglass for maximum flexibility and durability in external conditions.
Bright orange in colour, easy to see.
Compatible with cordless drill and the combo tool (both sold separately). 

Wider thread down lower half of peg creates a resolute anchor without the entire peg being inserted and allows for blue rope clip to be adjusted.

Screw-in and out in record time with the cordless drill or combo tool, saving you a significant amount of effort and body straining.
Excels in soil and softer conditions where normal metal pegs just don’t hold, and proven to hold powerful grip in most external conditions.

European design, Manufactured in China

Pack Includes: 12 Standard Pegs, 12 blue rope clips

Length overall: 200mm
Length of thread: 80mm
Width of thread: 15mm
Width of head just below the hex head: 25mm
Weight each: 22g
Torque: 25nm