Peggy Peg StartKit

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Peggy Peg StartKit

Peggy Peg tent peg Starter Pack containing an assortment of screw-in pegs in bulk quantity.

This is a must-have for all serious campers. There's plenty of pegs to meet all your needs and enough to assist a mate when their conventional pegs are failing!

Eliminate the fear of running short of pegs and be confident that you've got all the compatible tools with a Peggy Peg Starter Pack!

Includes a durable canvas zipper bag that comfortably houses all pegs and tools without pulling the bag tight.

Comes with spacious carry bag and is spacious enough to include other large pegs bought separately or some of your old pegs to keep them all together!

Now comes with drill bits for drilling pilot holes.

European design, Manufactured in China

Pack includes:
30 standard pegs, 20 small pegs, 1 x combo tool handle with the aluminum driver, drill bits for pilot holes

Approx: 360(l) x 13 (w) x 80mm (h)
Weight: 1.4kg