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The great Aussie campsite icon is no more! 
The sight of an old plastic grocery bag 
hanging from the tent pole is a thing of the
 past thanks to the all-new “Croc Bin™ ”. 
The Croc Bin™ was birthed through the collaboration
 of two mates who saw the need for a better, 
cleaner & more practical way of storing rubbish.

The Croc Bin™ is simple & stylish in its design. 

It uses standard recyclable grocery bags to store 

the rubbish and has a lid to keep the smells in and the flies out.

The Croc Bin™ has two means of attachment. 

The “U” clamp allows the Croc Bin™ to be attached

to a tent pole or camping furniture. 

The wall bracket allows the bin to be attached 

to outside of a caravan or any solid surface. 

With its dovetail design, the body of the Croc Bin™

 can be easily removed for cleaning and storage when traveling.