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Our Guy Ropes have been designed to make securing your awning, tent or other equipment quick, simple, and organised.

Our Guy Ropes are clipped on using an aluminium anodised closed carabiner or the alternative aluminium crimped rope loop making it easy to connect and disconnect your Guy Rope no matter what you need to secure.

The innovative Guy Rope has a 4 metre reach made from bright orange flouro UV stable nylon rope which can be tightly secured at any length. The rope has a strength rating to 300 lbs.

Unused rope neatly packs into the attached breathable UV resistant net bag. The net bag has a stainless-steel D ring to allow for easy pegging to the ground or for attaching our HD Soft Spring.

The unique cast aluminium tensioner will ensure the guy rope remains securely fixed in the toughest of conditions.

The tensioner allows the rope to pass through in one direction to the desired length with the ball bearing system ensuring the rope stays firmly locked in place until released. Releasing the tension is as simple as pulling the release pin which will allow the rope to now move in the opposite direction.

When not in use all the entire rope will comfortably pack into the net bag ensuring ropes remain tangle free.

The Guy Rope is suitable for use with:

- Awnings

- Tents

- Swags

- Roof Top Tents

- Caravans

- RV’s

    - Camper Trailers

- Motor Home Awnings

    - Tripods

    - In field industrial equipment