Toilet - Stimex Handy Potti Silverline

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Stimex Handy Potti Silverline


A unique feature is the ease of use of the portable STIMEX® HANDY POTTI SILVERLINE. When developing this toilet, the highest attention was paid to comfort and quality

This resulted in unique product attributes that distinguishes STIMEX® HANDY POTTI SILVERLINE of many other available chemical toilets. Thanks to the extremely smooth surface of the hygienic plastic material it is very easy to clean the toilet.

The toilet is equipped with a stable hand pump which control the two flush nozzles that clean the toilet after use. The waste tank is equipped with a swiveling spout and venting button that ensures emptying of the waste tank may be carried out in a simple and hygienic manor. 

The toilet is also equipped with a transport wheel mounted on the underside.

  • Two color Portable toilet: gray / pearl
  • Portable toilet with very smooth and hygienic surface
  • Weight portable toilet: 3.8 KG
  • Approx Dimensions: h = 36,7cm / b = 38.0 cm / d = 44.6 cm
  • Capacity Rinse water tank: 15.0 liters
  • Capacity waste tank: 17.0 liters
  • Maximum load: 130 kg