Rapid Tyre Deflator

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Rapid Tyre Deflator

Tyre Deflator a protective carry/storage case.

Rapidly decrease your tyre pressure and accurately measure your tyres PSI when making adjustments to off road conditions.

Fast and accurate deflation method. 

· Werevr Rapid Tyre Deflator with gauge is simply screwed on to the valve stem.

. Locate and unscrew the valve seat

· At this stage you have the option to make fine adjustments to your Tyre pressure by sliding back the air release valve and pressing the valve activator, air will be released at a controlled moderate rate.

· Tyre pressure can be read at any time.

· For super-fast deflation you simply and quickly push in the valve activator and turn anti clockwise

· this removes the valve from the valve stem.

· You do not have to worry about losing or getting sand in the valve as it remains safe in the deflating device.

· Now slide back the release valve, this will give you the fastest method of tyre deflation.

· You can stop and start the deflation at any time by sliding the release valve opened or closed.

· The gauge will show accurate tyre pressure in (Psi 0-60) whenever the release valve is closed.

· When the tyre is at the desired pressure slide close the relief valve, locate the valve seat and screw it back in clockwise then remove the device by unscrewing off the valve

Size 20cm x 14cm x 6cm 

 Weight 450gms