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This Portable Washer is a hand-powered spin cycle clothes washer. Gentle on clothes this Eco-friendly laundry option is the perfect choice for when you’re off the beaten trail.

Product Description

The Portable Washer can wash up to 3L of laundry in just minutes. This time and money saver requires no electricity and uses less water and detergent than traditional washing machines.

Its clever design is gentle on clothes, there are no protruding elements to cause damage like other hand powered washers. It takes less effort to spin compared to other hand powered washers and can even spin dry your clothes so they dry faster on the line

The lightweight, highly portable washer is the perfect option for free camping, caravanning and fishing.


Easy to use

Compact and sturdy design

Tight locking lid

Fold down crank handle

Directional drainage hose

Four feet for excellent grip

1 Year Warranty


Dimensions: 345 x 344 x 343mm

Load capacity: 3L

Wash time: 2 mins

Spin time: 30 secs